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Established in 2011, FTQ specializes in a wide range of Family Office services, tailor-made to individual customer requirements. FTQ offers high net worth customers the most discreet and personal attention.

The three Principals decided to establish FTQ after realising that their complementary business backgrounds and vast market experience, constituted a suitable and most attractive platform for a comprehensive and unique multi-faceted financial company.

FTQ also specialises in advising major Israeli companies with complex financial transactions, particularly those connected to the derivatives market and assists them in issuing both domestic and foreign debt.

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FTQ - Cedric Olivestone, Ernesto Kesler, Moti Szuszan

Cedric Olivestone

Born in England, Cedric Olivestone immigrated to Israel in 1966.
After his arrival, Cedric joined Bank Leumi, starting a bank career from which he retired only in 2006. In his 40 years at Leumi, Cedric held several key positions, among which was, from 1988 till his retirement, the position of Executive Vice President responsible for the International Banking Relations Department in Head Office Tel Aviv.

This included responsibility and control over the Leumi Group's overall global counterparty and country risk in billions of dollars, within appropriate credit limits. During this time, Cedric worked closely with risk management and dealing room staff. He was also responsible for the relationships with hundreds of correspondent banks around the world.

He accompanied the Chairman and CEO on extensive foreign travel while himself travelling to over 75 countries around the globe, including several Arab capitals. His position required him to host foreign bankers, analysts, rating agency representatives as well as numerous foreign delegations.

He was also a member of many senior committees in the Bank and was a founder member of the bank‘s foreign securities investment committee where he continued to serve for two years even after his retirement. Other previous positions include Senior Manager (chief dealer), responsible for The Foreign Exchange Dealing Room, Head Office, Tel Aviv, and Chairman of the Israel Forex Association. At the end of the 1970's Cedric completed a seven year assignment in the United States where he served as Executive Vice President in charge of Leumi Securities New York NY, and as Manager of Bank Leumi, Beverly Hills, CA. Today, Cedric is involved in philanthropic matters in Israel, principally through the Olivestone Trust. He is also Chairman of PlaNet Finance Israel, a micro-finance advisory company.

Ernesto Kesler

Ernesto, born in Argentina, immigrated to Israel in 1977. He began his professional career in the area of Leadership Development in 1986.
While studying Education and International Relations at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Ernesto was employed as an educator and as a director of the Institute for Leaders from Abroad in Jerusalem. Here, through innovative and creative projects, he was responsible for training hundreds of leaders from over 50 countries .He represented public Israeli institutions overseas, especially in several Latin-American countries and was also invited to lecture at a number of institutions both in Israel and abroad, including amongst others, Tel Aviv University, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, The Joint, Israel Defence Forces, and The Jewish Agency.

In 1998, Ernesto was selected by Bank Leumi to participate in a special, personalized Banking Management Program, where he was trained in all aspects of Banking, particularly in the area of International Trade. At this time he also graduated from the Advanced Management Program at IESE Business School in Barcelona.

IN 1999, Ernesto was appointed CEO of "Leumi Representações e Servicos" and as a representative of Bank Leumi in Brazil. In this role he promoted commercial trade between Brazil and Israel, promoting international finance and successfully exploring new areas , while significantly expanding the volume of business , due to his close relationship with Brazilian banks and companies.
In the past few years after leaving Leumi, Ernesto decided to integrate his vast experience both in leadership development and banking management, by accompanying the process of generational transition in all its aspects of family business and family controlled companies and by instituting well-developed sustainability plans that can bring long term benefits to a family firm.

Moti Szuszan

Moti immigrated to Israel from Argentina in 1976.
After studying Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technion in Haifa, he joined the foreign exchange dealing room at Bank Leumi in 1981 and following a series of promotions and completion of a five year stint in the IDF, became its Manager and Chief Dealer. Following this, Moti worked for a short time in Leumi's corporate division and in its finance division.

In 1997, he joined PIA, then the largest Israeli mutual fund company, owned at the time by Leumi and served as its deputy CEO for three years. In 2000, Moti left Leumi for a senior position in Bank Hapoalim where he was appointed Head of Trading and Sales in the foreign exchange dealing room. In 2005 he was promoted to the Board of Management of the bank with the title of Global Treasurer. As such he was responsible for the following in the bank.

  1. The assets and liability management of the Group including the bank's ‘nostro' (own) account in the amount of some billions of dollars.
  2. Sales and Trading in the FX dealing room in Tel Aviv, the largest dealing room amongst the Israeli Banks.
  3. The Analytical Department that designed models for the Global Treasury.
  4. Coordination of the Global Assets and Liabilities of the Group which at the time amounted to tens of billions of dollars.
  5. Administration of the back and middle offices of the Global Treasury.
  6. Liquidity management of the whole Hapoalim Group in Israel and abroad.

Moti resigned from Bank Hapoalim in 2010. Since leaving Hapoalim Moti has been involved in community affairs and is an active member of several senior investment committees.

Moti now serves on the Nostro Investment Committee of Migdal Insurance Company​.

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